Online Poster Presentation via Face book page ‘Ssd-2020’

Guidelines for poster presentation:

  1. Participants are requested to follow the face book page “Ssd-2020” via log in through their own facebook account.
  2. Participants have to upload their poster on the facebook page ssd-2020 on or before 24th September, 2020, as an image (JPEG format) with standard poster dimensions (A4 size) by creating a post. Participants are requested to highlight their work on the poster and introduce themselves, not exceeding 150 characters.
  3. The content of the poster (both figures and writings) should be legible.
  4. Poster session will start on 25th September at 10:00 a.m. IST. Participants may continue displaying posters on face book page till the end of the conference.
  5. Visitors along with the reviewers will go through the posters and they will add their comments in the comment box.
  6. Participants are requested to respond to the queries raised by the viewer’s using comment box.
  7. Please be mindful of appropriate permissions while presenting copyright images.
  8. Responsibility for the data rests on the presenter.
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